Spanish olive oil exports in the first half of 2013/14

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Spain’s bumper harvest this season is making itself felt in the aggregate of its olive oil exports to countries outside the EU plus deliveries inside the EU, which together totalled 562 824 t in the first six months of the crop year (October 2013–March 2014), thus showing 64 pc growth on the same period in 2012/13.

Intra-EU deliveries of Spanish olive oil amounted alone to 401 725 t.

Ninety-two per cent of this tonnage has gone to Italy (247 863 t, i.e. +144.5 pc), 57 761 t to Portugal (+19.6 pc), 43 375 t to France (+29.3 pc) and 22 251 t to the United Kingdom (+6 pc).

The remainder is split among the other EU countries. Spanish exports of olive oil to non-EU countries total 161 100 t, representing an increase of 40.1 pc versus the first six months of 2012/13.

In volume terms exports to the United States have increased 140 pc, totaling 58 650 t, as have exports to Japan (+24.5 pc), Australia (+24.9 pc), Russia (+38.9 pc) and other countries with smaller volumes. Exports have only fallen to China (-29.4 pc) and Brazil (-34.2 pc).

International Olive Council Market Newsletter No 84 – June 2014

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