Spanish Agricultural Proposals for the European Elections

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Agri-food Cooperatives also believes that European and Spanish cooperative enterprises and the agricultural sector in general, face significant challenges in recent years such as the deregulation of markets; the imbalance in the value chain; Community demanding production conditions that are not equally required for importation; the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); or underinvestment in R+D.

Therefore, from this entity, to have management tools able to prevent serious market crisis and price volatility in the food market; to establish a balance in the value chain; to improve multilateral trade negotiation of bilateral and regional agreements; that the CAP remains a strong EU policy and to promote the European model of production and agri-food sector; and to strengthen the role of the food industry in R+D are the main priorities.

Meanwhile, Asaja-Córdoba has advocated to recognize European standards of production to farmers who are under control and whoses imports comply with at least the same requirements applicable to EU producers. Also, they ask the EU to establish fair prices for the producers; and to take “clear and convincing” action on the food chain to “eliminate unfair and abusive practices suffered by producers in the industry”.

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