Spain Brings Home 51 Medals from New York

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Spanish extra virgin olive oils received a total of 51 awards including two Best of Class at the New York International Olive Oil Competition.
Over 700 entries from 22 countries were subjected to a blind taste test to select the world’s best olive oils for 2013 at last week’s competition, which was held at the International Culinary Center in New York. Spain finished second only to Italy, the country with the most entries in the competition.

Spain, with its haul of two Best of Class and 25 Gold earned a total of 51 awards for the event. Spanish EVOO companies Masia el Altet, located in the Alcoy Mountains of Alicante, and Andalusian producer Finca La Torre both took home Best of Class awards for their respective categories, North Medium Intensity Blend and North Medium Intensity Monovarietal. Both oils received scores of 9.50 of a possible 10.0.

Another big winner for the year was Aceites Melgarejo, who received two Gold awards, with a score of 8.60 in the Robust Monovarietal category with its Arbequina, and 8.20 for their Picual. The company was founded in 1995, but strives to continue a rich history of olive farming that has been carried out by the family for generations. Located in Jaén, one of the regions most known for olive oil production in the world, olive oils from Melgarejo have received no less than 22 prizes this year alone.

Other top Spanish scorers included Venta del Barón from Córdoba and Aciete Novecientos from the province of Jaén, which both scored an impressive 9.50 in their categories. Popular Spanish export, Chef José Andrés, also received a Gold award for the olive oil to which he lends his name, José Andrés by Casas de Hualdo Secret Blend, which scored a 9.0 in the Robust Blend category.

The full list of winners can be found at the Best Olive Oils website.

By Naomi Tupper
Olive Oil Times Contributor | Reporting from Santander

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