Shoppers Across Europe are Buying More Private Label

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Retailer brands once again posted market share gains across Europe, whether it’s in the emerging retail markets in the East or the most established ones throughout the region. Private label is becoming more popular with Europe’s shoppers. Retailers are responding with bigger own brand programs featuring innovative new products and greater value. The market share for private label climbed in 18 of the 20 countries tracked by Nielsen data for PLMA’s 2013 Private Label Yearbook.

In southern Europe consumers purchased more retailer brand products. In addition the Nielsen data shows that private label market share is increasing in countries with stronger economies, such as Germany, The Netherlands and Austria.

Retailer brands accounted for the majority of all products sold in two countries: Switzerland (53%) and Spain (51%). Market share levels exceeded 40% in four countries: the UK (45%), Germany (42%), Belgium (41%) and Portugal (44%). In France, private label again represented more than one of every three products sold.

The biggest single gain for private label was achieved in Poland, where market share climbed more than 3 points to 28%. Hungary and Slovakia both climbed over the 30% market share level, while Czech Republic stayed at 27%.

In the North, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark posted increases of more than one point, while share in Finland climbed above 29%. In the South, both Italy and Turkey each gained more than one point, reaching the 20% level. Market share in Greece was up nearly one point to 24%.

Private label can expect still greater market share growth in the year ahead based on a new study of more than 10,000 consumers in 14 countries commissioned by PLMA, entitled “Today’s European Shoppers”.

The study shows that private label plays a fundamental role in the lives of shoppers across Europe and market share will continue to expand. Forty-six percent (46%) purchase them “frequently.” In the year ahead, one in four believe that they will buy a larger amount of own brands than currently. Even when the economy gets better, consumers say that they will stick with private label: eight in ten said that after the economy improves they would not stop purchasing own brands.

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