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According the annual FEDIT report, the majority of businessmen interviewed considered that their relationship with a technological centre has had a positive effect on their sales, profitability and competitiveness. Surgenia is the only Technological Centre of Design in Spain.

The expert of Surgenia Fátima Sarmiento spoke about trends in design applicable to the oleic product.

Specifically, the report developed by Surgenia identifies seven new types of consumers associated by their values, lifestyles, shapes and types of consumption as well as by theit favourite colors, design tools, materials, formats, artwork, claims, etc.

That companies will have to use to connect with each of them and address them effectively a product.

Specifically, the most relevant universes detected on olive oil are baptized as:

Primitive (Primitistas) consumers who demand quality products that are pure, artless, almost primitive, and serious companies who are cautious about praising the virtues of their products;

Superhealthy (Supersanos), who appreciate the inherent potential of some botanical ingredients with natural functional properties (called superfood), combined with the strong features of the sporty look;

Mixtures (Mixtural) characterized by a personality with a critical and reactionary spirit against the establishment; and

Blameless (Irreprochables), those who have a personality that needs to release their conscience and feel contributing to a better world through responsible consumption to avoid being blamed and make them feel good about themselves.

Surgenia searches for useful creativity designing agile and risk-free projects. Results are accompanied by maximum impact and increased profitability for the company.


Our working methodology guarantees cost control of production, and adds value and identity to the product or space.

A made-to-fit technical and multidisciplinary team-made up of researchers, designers, engineers, manufacturers and/or distributors – cooperate to design or improve an innovative product or space. Our working method is centered on research and analyses applicable technology and trends. It is based on people, because we study their tastes, expectations, preferences and experiences.

Surgenia is equipped with a unit that explores and analyses design and consumer trends. It detects opportunities to improve and develop the design of products and spaces transforming them into business opportunities. It enables the multidisciplinary team to achieve a competitive final result.

Each stage of the project is validated by experts and users. This increases the probability of success during market launch.

Each project is accompanied by a communication plan. Its results are communicated via print and digital media, networks, informative meetings, scientific publications and training programmes

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