Savantes ‘Skills Test’ to be used in ‘North American Extra Virgin Olive Oil Championship’

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On 26th August in Chicago USA the first extra virgin olive oil tasters championship will be held as part of the “Spend Wisely on Olive Oils’ Conference. The format for the Championship is based on the Savantes ‘Test Your Skill as a Taster’ session which is an important part of each Savantes programme.

The Championship will celebrate the ‘Champion Taster for North America’ and expand the Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes to include rankings for those tasters who opt to be ranked. We also hope to increase the number of Associate Savantes and celebrate the first full Savante since the inception of the skills test.

The Spend Wisely on Olive Oil Conference, hosted by the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) in association with Savantes will be consumer oriented and includes an innovative ‘Olive Oil Value Competition’. This competition takes the entries off the retail shelf and the scoring includes points for flavour, smoke point and fatty acid ratio – the total divided by the retail price to give ‘Value for Money’. Rules and entry details are available at

Savantes New York 10 days away

Final preparations are underway for the Savantes New York Programme scheduled for the Tryp Times Square South Hotel in Manhattan on February 25-27.

We have a great group assembling representing all interests in extra virgin olive oil – from producers through distributors to retailers and chefs. The tasting list is impressive with over 50 extra virgin olive oils from 10 different countries covering a wide range of regional varieties. A full set of the official six main defects is also available.

There are limited places left – to register go to This is a good opportunity to see how you go with the Savantes Skills Test!

Full details of the Championship, skills test and ranking system can be seen at

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