Sales of UC Davis student farm's olive oil products have brought $127,766

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The tomatoes are sent to Woodland-based Culinary Farms for processing. Once dried, they come back to Davis. Some go to dining facilities in bulk and end up being served to student in sauces. The remainder get packaged and sold at the bookstore and retail store. For the 2013-14 school year, sun-dried tomato sales totaled $11,368.

Russell Ranch also includes a 6.5-acre farm. The produce is sold at a campus farmers market and to Sodexo, the company that runs the campus Dining Commons. About 70 faculty, staff and student subscribers receive boxes of fresh produce each week.

The student farm sells $110,000 worth of produce a year, up from $45,000 in 2008, said director Mark Van Horn. “There has been tremendous amount of growth,” he said.

UC Davis has also lent its name to beer. In 2011, local brewery Sudwerk, whose brewmaster is a UC Davis alum, produced a beer called Aggie Lager under a one-year licensing agreement with the UC Davis Extension Master Brewers Program. The beer was sold on tap in 18 Davis establishments, with proceeds going to fund an athletic scholarship, said Scott Brayton, assistant director of athletic activities for UC Davis. Brayton said he expects the partnership to continue this summer with the creation of a new beer.

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