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REVOILUTION is a product designed and made in Italy by AGE, an innovative player in FoodTech field.
Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through several products combining cutting-edge technology and naturalness in the food industry.

Attention to taste, design, sustainability and quality of materials but also the chance to eat healthy and genuine food are the fundamentals of the philosophy of AGE.

A young company that collects the consolidated experience of a team of experts in the food and in electromechanical technologies.
A team with innovative and various skills that shares the same goal: to change and better the quality of people’s lives.

Rivoluzione means innovating, starting from the roots, with the intention to improve our daily life.

For REVOILUTION team it means combining cutting-edge technology and naturalness to change the very way of conceiving the Italian product par excellence: the extra virgin olive oil.

Born from an Italian startup, rEVOILution is the solution that guarantees the quality of the pressing and the oil integrity in the Italian style: the “domestic oil mill” safeguards the flavor and the organoleptic properties that remain unchanged, maintaining the nutritional value “virgin” and the taste of the expressed squeezing. Normal oil tends to lose its aromatic intensity and its nutritional values: the bottles on the shelves have 6 months to 2 years of life.

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