Research on Olive Oil uses and consuption in HORECA in Spain

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HORECA embraces structured food and service industry (chains of collective catering, hotels, catering, institutions) as well as the disorganised sector (restaurants, bars and coffee bars).

New living habits make food and service trade more important within the daily consumption of current society, especially in big cities. In addition, this channel constitutes a showcase of our product as regards Spanish and foreign consumers.

Therefore, we wished to discover the characteristics of this market niche: the volume and value commercialised through these channels, as well as the drawbacks and incentives as regards consumption faced by clients, consumers and wholesale buyers.

This research intends to establish the purchase habits, uses and consumption in HORECA. Its results can be determining when defining specific consumption promotion strategies within the extra-domestic field, and they will also help favour the improvement of the quality of life of current and future generations.

The analysis focuses on establishments, clients and specialized distribution platforms of the main Spanish population centres. Its methods include a quantitative study with surveys and/or personal interviews and a qualitative one with group meetings and thorough interviews. The objective of this research is discovering, among other variables, the oils chosen by the establishments, their uses, the product categories and acquisition frequency and the clients’ perception and their consumption habits.

Presentation Olive Oil Study in Horeca.
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