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One of the most famous refreshing dressings, is the Cucumber and Yoghurt Dip, or as it is commonly known.. Tzatziki!

Tzatziki is one of the main ingredients on the Greek ‘Souvlaki’, but it can also been found widely in Turkey, under the name Cacik. Apart from the Souvlaki, Tzatziki can also been combined with meats, and fried chips, or as an appetizer with some olives and ouzo. Keep in mind, that due to the garlic, that can been found in its ingredients, Tzatziki is a very healthy and nutritious dip!


1 kg strained yoghurt (1.1lbs)
2 large cucumbers (or 3 small ones)
3 cloves of garlic
4-5 table spoons of olive oil
1-2 table spoons of vinegar
Some salt
1 table spoon of chopped mint or dill (optional)
(a couple of olives and some mint, for styling)


Firstly peel and grate the cucumbers. If possible, try to squeeze as hard as possible, in order to remove any water, completely.

Then, mash the garlic with the salt, in a mortar.

In a medium-sized bowl, mix the strained

Finally add mint or parsley, and add more salt, if required, to match your tasting habits. That’s all!

Try to refrigerate it a bit, until it’s ready to use. It will get a very refreshing taste!

TipA better idea would be not to peel the cucumbers. Most of the nutritional elements of cucumber are hidden there. Plus, it adds a nature color to the Tzatziki.

Preparation Time5-6 minutes

Cooking Time1 minute

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