Recipe: Roasted Whole Fish with EVOO and How to Bone it Out

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Before you begin, if possible have a plate at hand for the bones, a sharp knife and spoon or fork. There are many variations but this is the technique I was taught and has served me well. A small warning — even if you have done this perfectly (or if the restaurant staff has done this) there still may be some small bones remaining, depending on the size or type of fish. So just be careful when eating it!

1. Fish!
2. Make a slit through the skin just above the tail, another slit on an angle from the head to just below the collar bone and a slit along the length of the back.
3. Gently remove skin on the top (no need to remove the skin on the bottom). You can leave the skin on if it is crispy but it is easier to bone it out if you remove it and especially if it is blackened or torn. Scrape away the little bones along back bone, and remove skin and those bones to the plate for the bones.
4. Make a slit from the neck to the tail along the middle top seam cutting just through to the middle bone. Starting at the top very gently fold back the fillet on both sides resting them on the plate beside the fish. The bone should now be exposed.
5. Gently release the tail from the bottom fillet and holding it up, lift the skeleton from the bottom fillets moving from tail to head. Place skeleton on the “bone plate.” Remove any pieces with excessive bones.
6. Drizzle the bottom fillets with vinaigrette, replace the top fillets and drizzle again. 7. (Garnish with lemon slices and herbs.) Be proud of yourself! And as you eat, watch for bones — there could be a few that have escaped you!

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