Rare Wine Co.'s imported Tuscan olive oil; supplies running low

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This is from my annual shipment of olio nuovo (new oil) from the Rare Wine Co. in Sonoma.
The color is an iridescent jade-chartreuse, gorgeous to behold. This is olive oil more as food than condiment. I float a thread on winter minestrone or pasta fagioli, eat halved avocados with a drizzle of the oil, dip artichoke leaves in a little dish of olio nuovo.

Forget about all the butter we Americans are supposed to be consuming, I’m deep into olive oil practically every meal, lavishing a slab of grilled country bread with the intensely fruity Tuscan oil and sopping up every bit of the remains on my plate.

I get my fix every year from the Rare Wine Co., which has been bringing in a selection of new oils from Tuscany for almost 20 years now. This year, after tasting the new oils in November, Rare Wine founder Mannie Berk chose oils from half a dozen wine estates in Tuscany. He buys only single estate oils and flies the new oils to California under temperature controlled-conditions as soon as they are pressed and bottled.

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