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A plan to promote olive oil and table olives in schools in the E.U. is among matters likely to be discussed at the next meeting of the European Commission’s Advisory Group on Olives and Derived Products.

To be held in Brussels on November 13, the meeting is also likely to include briefings from the Commission on its plan to toughen olive oil label rules and its free trade talks with the United States.

The group’s chairman, Rafael Sánchez de Puerta Díaz, said the agenda had yet to be finalized but would probably also include various reports on the olive oil market and updated forecasts for the current harvest.

Spanish Members of the European Parliament pushed for the new farm policy for the E.U. to provide for a school olive oil and table olives program. They succeeded in winning a provision in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for 2014-2020 for a voluntary school scheme with similar funding to that of existing ones promoting consumption of dairy products and fruit and vegetables.

Sánchez said advisory group had sought an update from the Commission on the scheme, which would probably not start until 2015.

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