Recipe: Pork Fillet With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bean Mash

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Exceptionally tasty supper dish with the fillet wrapped in smoked streaky bacon before cooking and the mashed haricot beans liberally anointed with extra virgin olive oil.

Serves 4


· 1 pork fillet
· 10 rashers smoked, rindless streaky bacon
· 5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
· 2 x 400g cans haricot beans
· salt and freshly ground black pepper
· 275g/10oz sprouting broccoli
· Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling


· Trim fillet, then wrap in overlapping rashers of bacon.
· Place 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil in a pan and transfer in wrapped pork fillet, seam side down first. Fry all over to brown.
· Place in a pre-heated oven Gas 6 400F 200C for around 25 minutes or until pork is cooked. Remove from oven and leave to rest.

· Drain beans and place in a bowl, mash with a sturdy fork.
· Place in a pan with remaining extra virgin olive oil and heat through.
· Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
· At the same time, cook broccoli in salted boiling water.
· Drain and reserve keeping warm.

· To serve, slice the fillet into rounds and place on plates.
· Spoon bean mash alongside with broccoli.
· Pour pan juices over the pork, adding more extra virgin olive oil to the mash so it runs down onto the plate.

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