Pasolivo’s line of olive oils continues to impress

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Despite all the extra effort involved in getting that seal of approval, “we’re encouraging everyone (olive oil producers) to join the COOC. It really protects the consumer,” said Wieczorek.

Indeed, an Internet check of “adulterated olive oil” will reveal a raft of stories about the practice, which has been going on for centuries due to olive oil’s importance in so many cultures. In most cases, the adulteration is fairly benign — you just won’t get what you paid for if the oil isn’t from its labeled country of origin or has been mixed with other oils or coloring agents.

However, in some cases the oils are mixed with non-food grade ingredients with varying levels of toxicity. (One of the most extreme events occurred in Spain in 1981 when several hundred people died as a result of contaminated and mislabeled oil.)

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