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European Union’s System Of Approval is Guarantee of Highest Quality of Olive Oil

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) – is the European recognition (Reg. 510/06) for an agricultural product or food whose entire production cycle, from raw material to finished product (processing and packaging), is carried in a given territory. The combination of natural factors (raw materials, environmental characteristics and location) and human (production and traditional craft), make the product unique and not reproducible elsewhere. The production rules are more strict to ensure the utmost quality.
The Protected Geographical Indication – PGI – is the European recognition (Reg. 501/06) for an agricultural product or food, produced and processed in a specific geographic area. The link with the geographical area of reference may also be limited to a single phase of production (production of raw materials and / or processing of olives).
These products meet strict production rules that describe characteristics of the product, geographic area, methods of cultivation and processing, varieties of olives. This is a self-regulatory code, whose compliance by operators in the olive is constantly monitored by a third party recognized by the competent authorities.
Organic Olive Oil – complies with the method of production governed by community regulation EC Regulation 834/07, which certifies and monitors all stages of production of food. In particular, the organic farming requires the cultivation without the use of synthetic chemicals (artificial, made in chemical laboratories) and GMO (genetically modified organisms), rotation of crops for protection and prevention from pests, diseases, weeds and fertilizing the soil with only natural organic matter and minerals.

Olive oils recognized by the European Union are Greece, Italy, France, Spain & Portugal


1 Agios Mathaios Kerkyras PGI
2 Apokoronas Hanion Kritis PDO
3 Archanes Iraklio Kritis PDO
4 Exeretiko partheno eleolado Selino Kritis PDO
5 Exeretiko partheno eleolado “Trizinia” PDO
6 Finiki lakonias PDO
7 Hania Kritis PGI
8 Huile d’olive extra vierge Thrapsana PDO
9 Kalamata PDO
10 Kefalonia PGI
11 Kolymvari Hanion Kritis PDO
12 Kranidi Argolidas PDO
13 Krokees Lakonias PDO
14 Lakonia PGI
15 Lesbos PGI
16 Lygourio Asklipiou PDO
17 Olympia PGI
18 Petrina Lakonias PDO
19 Peza Iraklio Kritis PDO
20 Preveza PGI
21 Rhodos PGI
22 Samos PGI
23 Sitia Lasithi Kritis PDO
24 Thassos PGI
25 Viannos Iraklio Kritis PDO
26 Vorios Mylopotamos Rethymnis Kritis PDO
27 Zakynthos PGI


1 Alto Crotonese PDO
2 Aprutino Pescarese PDO
3 Brisighella PDO
4 Bruzio PDO
5 Canino PDO
6 Cartoceto PDO
7 Chianti Classico PDO
8 Cilento PDO
9 Collina di Brindisi PDO
10 Colline di Romagna PDO
11 Colline Pontine PDO
12 Colline Salernitane PDO
13 Colline Teatine PDO
14 Dauno PDO
15 Garda PDO
16 Irpinia – Colline dell’Ufita PDO
17 Laghi Lombardi PDO
18 Lametia PDO
19 Lucca PDO
20 Molise PDO
21 Monte Etna PDO
22 Monti Iblei PDO
23 Penisola Sorrentina PDO
24 Pretuziano delle colline teramane PDO
25 Riviera Ligure PDO
26 Sabina PDO
27 Sardegna PDO
28 Tergeste PDO
29 Terra di Bari PDO
30 Terra d’Otranto PDO
– 42 view more PDO


1 Huile d’olive Aix-en-Provence PDO
2 Huile d’olive Haute Provence PDO
3 Huile d’olive de Corse o Huile d’olive deCorse-Oliu di Corsica PDO
4 Huile d’olive de la Vallιe desBaux de Provence PDO
5 Huile d’olive de Nimes PDO
6 Huile d’olive de Nice PDO
7 Huile d’olive de Nyons PDO


1 Priego de Cordoba PDO
2 Montes de Toledo PDO
3 Aceite del Bajo Aragon PDO
4 Gala-Hurdes PDO
5 Sierra de Cazorla PDO
6 Montes de Granada PDO
7 Aceite Monterrubio PDO
8 Sierra de Cadiz PDO
9 Aceite de Terra Alta /Oli de Terra Alta PDO
10 Oli de Mallorca PDO
11 Poniente de Granada PDO
12 Aceite del Baix Ebre Montsiΰo Oli del Baix Ebre Montsiΰ PDO
13 Aceite de la Rioja PDO
14 Antequera PDO
15 Sierra de Segura PDO
16 Sierra Mαgina PDO
17 Les Garrigues PDO
18 Sluranα PDO
19 Baena PDO
20 Aceite de la Alcarria PDO


1 Azeite de Moura PDO
2 Azeite de Trαs-os-Montes PDO
3 Azeites do Alentejo Interior PDO
4 Azeites do Ribatejo PDO
5 Azeites do Norte Alentejano PDO
6 Azeites da Beira Interior(Azeite da Beira Alta, Azeite da Beira Baixa) PDO


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