Attend online course "Food labelling" & learn how to meet consumer demand for information

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Ainia Technology Center will begin next October 28th the 17th edition of the online course “Food labelling” which will explain the requirements for food labelling and the specific assumptions in labelling foods that may contain allergens or aimed at children, those with health claims and other products called “without”, “natural” or “traditional”, among others.

According to Ainia, 90% of consumers read the labels of the products they buy. This percentage reaches 100% in cases where the consumer has a conditioned power for some health-related factor.

The course will also explain how to identify the basic elements for food labelling according to the law and how to avoid confusion in the naming of the product.

Also, as reported by Ainia, the correct way to list ingredients will be displayed, as well as how to identify allergens, highlight the main ingredients in the labelling, the correct indication of the net quantity of the food, how to display the date of minimum durability, the expiration date or the storage conditions and/or usability.

This training activity, aimed at professionals in the food industry and university students and postgraduates will explain what are the stages in the implementation of mandatory nutrition labelling using case studies as well as the specific constraints on food labeling according to category or segment of the food to which they belong.

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