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For thousands of years liquid gold has been produced, traded, and cherished, but much of the world is only now becoming acquainted with olive oil as an integral part of a healthier way of life.
With global production approaching 3 million tons, olive oil making is branching out beyond the traditional places, and investments are pouring into new olive oil operations just about anywhere in the world olives can grow.

New World techniques of high-density farming and mechanical harvesting mark an industry revolution, while the traditional methods and old farms maintain their relevancy to consumers increasingly educated in the complexity and endless varieties of premium olive oil.

The story extends from the Himalayan foothills to the low plains of Argentina; the mangled roots of ancient groves to the neat rows of modern farms; production so small it doesn’t extend beyond family members to those so large as to fill hulls of giant tankers steaming across oceans.

Behind every bottle at the farmers market or the discount chain there are people dedicated to their own approach to an ancient craft. It’s hard to imagine a more disparate group than producers of olive oil today, except for the commitment they must share to succeed in this field.

The time to welcome olive oil into our lives has arrived. In places with such unique cuisines as India, Mexico and China, governments faced with the high costs of health problems associated with the use of saturated fats are urging the use of olive oil.

All of this creates a fascinating subject rife with contrasting angles, conflict and humanity. At the same time, consumers are more than ever taking the time to learn about food; where it comes from, how it’s made and handled, and its effect on our health.

Olive Oil Times is the most-read source of news, reviews and analysis on this fascinating subject. Our growing staff of expert contributors in every olive oil producing region provide timely information for consumers, industry professionals and olive oil enthusiasts.

And we’re just getting started. Just like this ever-evolving subject, we’ll never stop looking for new stories and innovative ways to share them.

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Curtis M. Cord, Executive Editor

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