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dear olive oil enterpreneurs and producers, dear consumers and people interested in olive oil,
what is people actually searching for olive oil?

This is a question that could take pages and pages for an answer, months of research and investigation. Surely, there is not an unique answer but several, depending how do you interpret the former generic question.

Here we present one of the many interpretations: we gave a look on what kind of web-based researches people made in the last years on google.com, using key words as “olive oil”, “organic olive oil”, “extravirgin olive oil”, etc. Why? Just to grasp what people is looking for on the web, how much do they search (or did), what are the latest more issued news about olive oil. Just keep reading and you will learn more.

In the last month (referring to the date of this post), in the entire world, there were 49,500 queries (only on google.com) that used the (ENGLISH) words “extravirgin olive oil” (read carefully, “extravirgin” is one word).

The whole number of the queries containing the words “extravirgin olive oil” and “extra virgin olive oil” (including “evoo”), alone or combined with others, summed up to 1,629,467, in the last month. Quite interesting. Interesting is also that many other words were associated to refine the search, words that for us speak about what could be the interest of the person searching. For example, there were 659 different kinds of web search (meaning key words combinations) that included our three magic words.

For example, the only “extra virgin olive oil” queries were 110,000, and those somehow including also the word “organic” were 5,883 quite few compared to the rest (respectively .36% and 5.35%).
Why should we care? Just to know what people is interested in when looking (and then thinking) to extra virgin olive oil.

Looking below, you can see how the numbers of queries changed over time during the last year and since 2004.

Article source iobooo and updated 02.06.2013

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