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Dan Gagliardo credits his grandmother Erma “Mama” D’Avolio for his vibrant lifestyle. She was at the helm of several Niagara Falls restaurants before she died at age 96. “She used olive oil in all her recipes,” said Gagliardo, who four years ago launched D’Avolio, which specializes in infused olive oils and vinegars.

Today, his chain includes five locations, and will soon add a sixth at 535 Main St., near the downtown Hyatt, which will boast a sit-down restaurant, as does his busiest location at 5409 Main St., Williamsville. He’s also working on liquor licenses for both those shops.

What is your philosophy of eating?

Small portions. I can pick healthy with my antipasto and I can have a salad. And my breads have no preservatives in them, so you don’t have to worry about that because I make them every day; even my pizzas, my basil pesto, my black olive tapenade. If I want to make a pizza, I can make one that has less cheese, more vegetables.

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