How to choose a good Olive Oil?

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Olive oil is revered the world over for its delightful taste and its beneficial health qualities, such as protecting us from heart disease. There are many olive oils on the market, so how do you go about selecting one suitable for your needs?

Look for geographic identification. Only oils with a precise origin can claim to be beneficial to health and carry their full flavor. European oils have established a DOP system (Protected Denomination of Origin) that guarantees where olives are grown, controls the actual farming, milling and bottling process.

A top olive oil shall carry the NAME and ADRESS of the producer, as well as the statement that it is PRODUCED AND BOTTLED or ESTATE BOTTLED. Everything else is blended oil without a clear origin.
Also look at the price, don’t buy it if the price is low and seems too good to be true.

Remember: NO, Extra Virgin means hardly anything, it just refers to the oil passing a lab test with a certificate of less than 0.8% oleic acidity. Good oils have 0.4% maximum acidity.

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