Olive Oil is one from 9 Souvenirs to Take Home From Greece

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Packets of fresh herbs
Greek grandmothers are famous for rejecting modern medicine and opting for more traditional and natural pharmaceutical options. There is at least one herb that can help with any problem. Chamomile, for example, can treat a cold, lavender can be used for relaxation and Cretan lemon balm can be used as mild anti-depressant. You will find shops selling herbs in most rural areas and big cities, and if you forget something or want to buy more, there are shops that sell them online.

Handmade backgammon set
When visiting Greece you will see many people, especially old men or university students, playing backgammon while enjoying their coffee. Backgammon is very popular in Greece and almost every house owns a set. There are many shops selling handmade backgammon sets carved from different types of wood, most commonly olive trees. It is a very entertaining gift that will also serve as a decorative item.

A bottle of ouzo
A worldwide famous Greek drink, produced on the Aegean island of Lesvos from the distillation of alcohol, water and perfume materials, mostly anise. Ouzo is sold across Greece, in shops, supermarkets, liquor stores, even in kiosks and you will have no trouble finding a bottle to enjoy back home.

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