Olive Oil is one from 9 Souvenirs to Take Home From Greece

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People who visit Greece always want to take small souvenirs back home, either to treat their friends and family or to remember their journey and the amazing time they had in the country.

Whether you prefer your souvenir to be food, clothes or a small art piece, Greek shops can satisfy every taste, even if you’re travelling on a small budget.

Here are some suggestions regarding the 9 best souvenirs you can take home that “scream” Greek culture.

Olive oil products
Greece is famous around the world for its extra virgin olive oil production. Greeks use olive oil in almost every recipe. Olive oil, however, is also used to create other products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even soap. Choose as souvenir one from many luxury packaged editions of Greek extra virgin olive oil.

Handmade Greek-style leather sandals
These sandals can be worn with almost everything and they are a must-have summer accessory. Their design used to be quite simple in order to resemble the sandals that ancient Greeks used to wear, however, over the last years, designers have incorporated more designs and colors.

A jar of Greek honey
Honey is very popular in Greece. Mothers used it as medicine for sore throat, sweeten hot beverages, make salad dressing and most importantly, it is the perfect topping to Greek yoghurt. One thing is for sure, you will never be satisfied with just one jar.

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