Olive Oil in your diet, a matter of health

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Prepare homemade Vinaigrettes
Mix thoroughly in a bowl a good portion of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard and garlic to a smooth, velvety dressing that will simply bring life to any dull dish!

Béchamel sauce with extra virgin olive oil
Instead of butter use extra virgin olive oil and your béchamel will be lighter and frothier.

Wholesome and tastier fried food!
Your fried delicacies will be tastier and more wholesome if you use extra virgin olive oil: this is a cooking oil that will not be destroyed by extreme heat, adding that special olive oil aroma to all your dishes. You have to fry chips to believe!

Definitely with legumes
All kinds of legumes are an indispensable ingredient of the Cretan diet, a perfect combo with extra virgin olive oil, whether you sprinkle it over boiled beans or cook them with it.

A different kind of cake
Extra virgin olive oil will successfully replace butter in you baking. Your sweets and cakes will be equally tasty yet lighter and healthier. You could, for example, replace half portion of margarine you would use in a cake with extra virgin olive oil.

Wholesome and tasty popcorn
A little extra virgin olive to cover the bottom of the popcorn pot will suffice for tasty, crispy, aromatic popcorn without the bad of the butter.

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