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Below are just a few ideas –most common in a typical Cretan household today- on how to include olive oil in your dietary habits… and more:

Eat it uncooked, raw
Trickle some olive oil on cheeses such as Feta or Halloumi or other creamier cheeses and then add some oregano. Even better, toast a slice of bread, trickle some olive oil, salt and oregano and you have a wholesome, delicious snack!

Use it as dressing on your salads
Olive oil dressing on any salad will enhance the flavor of your vegetables and the rest of the ingredients and also –most importantly- retain all its antioxidants and nutritious elements.

Make a Cretan “Dakos”
Lightly moist a piece of Cretan “Paksimadi”, the double-baked and dried bread of Crete, grate some tomato and Feta cheese and then add a pinch of salt and oregano. Finally trickle olive oil over this and… dive in! A delicious, complete in nutritional value and wholesome Cretan appetizer!

Use it with your marinades
Marinade your red meats, poultry or fish in a mixture of olive oil, wine or vinegar, lemon or spices and herbs: they will explode with aromas and subtle flavors while gaining all the goodness of the olive oil.

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