Olive oil importers hit out at 'buy Australian' campaign

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The Australian Olive Oil Association, which represents distributors of imported and domestic olive oil in Australia, has lodged a complaint with the country’s competition watchdog over a publicity campaign from growers body, the Australian Olive Association.

The AOOA has claimed an ad push by the growers’ association encouraging consumers to buy Australian olive oil is “misleading” and contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The AOA, which represents Australian olive producers, has asserted Australian consumers are being “duped at the checkout” because “nine out of ten imported olive oil brands fail the Australian standard”.

“Testing by the Australian Olive Association between September 2011 and August 2013 found that, of 106 imported oils tested representing 40 different brands, 77% of oils tested failed the Australian Standard AS 5264-2011 and 93% of brands tested failed the Standard for at least one product of their brand range,” the olive growers association claimed.
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