Olive oil fraud

Cyprus Health Services conducting regular market product testings found that the 4litre bottle of Macheras Virgin Olive Oil (bottling date: 05/2015) does not comply with approved standards for virgin olive oil or any other type of olive oil.

In fact, tested samples were found to contain a variety of vegetable oil. The samples were tested at the State General Laboratory.

Health Services will be doing hygiene checks at the company’s bottling facilities as they suspect fraud, and that the company was intentionally passing off adulterated oil as Extra Virgin.

The product has been withdrawn from the market. The Health Ministry advises customers who have already bought the product not to consume it and return it to the place of purchase.

Macheras olive oil was found not to comply with approved standards once before, in 2011, when tests showed that it contained certain hydro-carbonates unfit for human consumption.

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