Olive oil fraud awareness

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“A lot of olive oils will have a seal of approval–either from the north American Olive Oil Association or the California Olive Oil Council–and this stamp here means that what you’re intending to buy is what you’re actually buying and later consuming,” Rosen says.

Although Rosen says that a lot of the food being mislabeled may not dangerous, it could be depriving consumers of much-needed nutrients.

“Salmon are very high in omega-3 fatty acids. If [consumers are] intending to eat salmon for those heart healthy benefits, and not actually eating salmon, not only are they not reaping those benefits, but they might actually be encountering negative health implications,” Rosen says.

Health experts say instead of worrying about each thing you eat, the most realistic thing you can do is to make a conscious effort to purchase your food in its most whole, unprocessed form, as often as you can.


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