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The Pure Greek Olive doesn’t merely strive to provide the most authentic extra virgin olive oil on the market. From its very origins, the Pure Greek Olive has sought to build bridges from Greece to the United States along commercial and cultural lines. It is furthermore the belief of the company that the key to alleviating Greece’s economic crisis is grassroots entrepreneurial integration and vision within and beyond Greece – a belief that constitutes the vehicle of the Pure Greek Olive’s function.

The relationship between Greece and the United States has been a robust, close-knit bond that dates back to the very founding of both modern countries. The first Greek immigrants arrived on America’s shores in 1768. Founding fathers from both nations – men like Thomas Jefferson and Adamantios Korais – kept correspondence with each other during their people’s struggles for independence and freedom. Greeks have become a significant and industrious part of the American social fabric, and Greek democratic ideals are at the very heart of the American government and identity.

The Pure Greek Olive thus sees itself as part of the continuation and perpetuation of this deeply rooted relationship between the United States of America and Greece. During this most volatile period of Greece’s recent history, cultivating commercial ties between it and the U.S. lies at the very heart of resolving the economic depression Greece has been experiencing. Such grassroots entrepreneurial efforts consequently build cultural bridges between the two countries.

Given the centrality of olive oil to Greek culture, lifestyle and gastronomy, bringing a most authentic and exquisite olive oil to America’s shores offers to the American palate a genuine taste of a Greek tradition dating back to the dawn of civilization.

In endeavoring to enrich and strengthen the vitality of a centuries-long relationship between two nations, the Pure Greek Olive is cultivating an even stronger Greek-American bond by advancing economic integration and promoting cultural exchange.

About The Pure Greek Olive, Inc.
The Pure Greek Olive is dedicated to providing you with “The Ultimate Virgin of Oils” that is neither mixed nor adulterated with any other oils employing artisan methods of harvesting by hand to ensure the finest quality and from Greek soil at non-gourmet prices and free shipping right to your door. Follow us on www.facebook.com/ThePureGreekOlive.

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