Olive Oil Export marketing is not just a process of sourcing buyers

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Export marketing is not just a process of sourcing buyers, and approaching them with the expectation of export orders, but conducting step by step procedures with a well-planned strategic marketing plan to acquire rapid success and profitable export sales growth.

Strategic marketing plan. What is it?

It’s a set of fundamental steps when followed will lead to success in Exporting your products.

Step-1 : Identify your target market

There are many markets, but identifying the right one(s) could easily get export orders from these markets. You can begin identify the target markets by using the interactive flow chart to monitor the demand trends for any product or service worldwide.
For simplicity I present the interactive map for Olive oil, to monitor which countries are looking for suppliers in which countries, with search volumes displayed country by country. Europages.com

Step-2 : Develop Export Marketing strategies

After having identified the ideal market(s), the next step is to develop the right Export Marketing Strategies in accordance to the target markets and always taking into account your competitor(s).

• Enter the markets of demand
• Position your product accordingly
• Develop products or services that satisfy buyers’ needs
• Offer advantage pricing
• Sell private label or your own brand
• Supply buyer’s requirements or ready stock
• Promote your company to create awareness

If steps 1 & 2 have been met, you have an advantage in entering the right markets and obtaining export sales growth.

Step-3 : Prepare Marketing Communication tools

Create appealing marketing communication tools like Company Profile, Product Catalog, Brochures/informative leaflets, Multilingual Website creation and for example
if your target market is France your website cannot be in Greek, under construction, or no land-line but only a cell number because its reflects a negative image of your size, your potential, your production capabilities to your prospects who have landed in your website.

So in other words, your marketing communication tools is a reflection of your company so it’s imperative to have them professionally designed with quality images, informative content of your product(s) and your company profile.

Step-4 : Promotion

A major role in the export marketing success with its main objective to create awareness to B2B buyers of what you are and what you offer by promoting the right message, to the right markets.

An excellent source are B2B portals like EUROPAGES.COM with global exposure and creating awareness amongst prospects to be found exactly where they are searching for your products.
B2B websites give you instant access to new export markets by providing an ongoing source of continuous leads at a fraction of the cost of any other advertising solution.
Exhibitions, Trade shows as well, is a great promotional strategy because it generates live contact with B2B buyers, its only catch is that it’s expensive to follow.

Today, more and more prospects use the internet to search products, suppliers, so it’s the ideal place to get a head start.

Step-5 : Generate Export Inquiries

Success in export Marketing begins with generating export inquiries from prospects and communicating and negotiating professionally with them to get them interested in your products and have them send export inquiries.
So contact them by offering competitive advantages.

Before closing I’d like you to ask yourself….
“Why should they buy your product”
If you can’t think of 3 good reasons to engage your prospects/customers to buy your products you should be researching.

Exporting is not a piece of cake, just because we have a great product, it requires dedication, commitment and it’s a continuous process in an ever changing global market.

Article by Anastacia Markaki, source

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