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Greek mythology refers to many beautiful women praising their youth and glow. Women in ancient Greece used to maintain their youth using common ingredients like milk, honey and olive oil that are at our disposal everyday.

Olive oil: Ancient Greek women were the first to use olive oil as a moisturizer. Olive oil helps to revitalize dry skin and contributes to the cell renewal process. They were also mixing it with sugar or salt and using it as an exfoliate.

Olives: Due to their high mineral content, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties as well as their anti-aging action, olives were used in various skincare treatments.

Honey: Honey has a long history of cosmetic usage as women used it to make face masks or body scrubs. Honey has an anti-inflammatory action and helps to clean dead skin cells.

Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a miraculous ingredient as it soothes, and nourishes the skin. Moreover, it is used to relief skin against sun burns.

Sea salt: Ancient Greeks along with the Egyptians were using sea salt to exfoliate and enrich their face and body with natural minerals. It was mixed with olive oil and used as a moisturizing natural peel.

Milk: Milk has great softening properties and it was widely used in ancient Greece. However, it was a luxury that only rich Greeks could afford.

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