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Liqueur production

The workshop is placed in Asimi the municipality of Gortina, Greece. The philosophy of the liqueur production is based on the exploitation of the fruits, without the addition of artificial aromatics. The raw materials are combined to create new unique compositions.

In the process only organic raw fruits and herbs are used, without the addition of artificial aromatics additives and preservatives.

In addition to that, herbs and fruits are hand picked one by one from the Asterousian Mountains and the nearby villages. After cleaned and washed they are placed with tsikoudia into stainless steel tanks. The fruits will remain in tsikoudia for several weeks and the alcohol will gain the substances colors and aromas of the raw materials. The addition of the syrup is followed in order to synthesize the liqueur. A natural liqueur should not be too sweet because the sugar covers the rich aroma of the fruits. The liqueur remains again for a long term period into those stainless steel tanks to tie the flavors and tastes. After filtered, the liqueur is being bottled.

A slight turbidity in such a naturalproduct is expected and not in any case is a sign of lower quality.

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