Olive Liqueur "Dinapoja"

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Use of Olive liqueur “Dinapoja”: Olive liqueur accompany desserts at room temperatures. Served as digestive combined with coffee or hot chocolate. Because the liqueur is not very sweet, it can be drunk as an appetizer, with cold champagne, prosecco or white wine and be put together with juices or soft drinks at the beginning of dinner. They are also used at the composition of numerous cocktails. They can be used in salads, in confectionary as a base for ice cream or for misting a cake. For cooking sauces and marinades and sautéing the meet. It has the typical, slightly bitter taste of a digestive bitter and consumed as a digestif, as an aperitif with lemon, in a cocktail or crepes with ice cream or salad dressing with tomato and feta.

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