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Kaiti Dinapoja created something really missing in the Greek market. Liqueurs not reminding kids syrup, leaving all the flavors of raw materials to provide leadership and multilayered flavors. The rose geranium married with herbs and roses, myrtle flowers and herbs, sage with cloves and herbs, pomegranate chili, citrus mint, melissa and chili pepper. Six different liqueurs ideal for aperitif, for cocktails, as digestives, as a finish meal.

Monks were the inventors of the Olive Liqueur. To deal with diseases of their body, they were creating medicines with feedstock of herbs and roots dissolved in alcohol. The extraction of the ingredients by the herbs and roots into the alcohol was another way of conservation. They added the sugar, to assist the consumption of the herbs. Even nowadays, many pharmacists around the Europe manufacture liqueurs with old recipes and suggest them for treatment against indigestion, anorexia and stimulation of the body. It is no coincidence that the words cordial or digestive are used to describe the liqueurs in many parts of Greece.

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