OLIVE JAPAN 2014 Trade Show Finished with Great Success!

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The nation largest Olive and Olive Oil Convention, Marche and International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition “OLIVE JAPAN 2014″ finished with great success ! (April 25-27, 2014 Tokyo)

The OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition is one of the premier olive oil competitions in the world, bringing together the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in awarding medals to the best oils from around the globe.

This is the third year of OLIVE JAPAN International Competition, Japan as the one of the most important market for olive oil in the world. The judges are invited from key major olive oil production countries and Japan, under recommendation by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan. (OSAJ)

Competition’s a key program in the “OLIVE JAPAN 2014” was trade show and winners were prized at the main event of this trade show,carrion lusher in major trade magazines.

The competition was committed to educating the public about extra virgin olive oil, featuring industry experts with extensive knowledge about selection, tasting and food pairings.

OLIVE JAPAN 2014 is pleased to announce

14 PREMIER Medal Winners, 149 GOLD Medal Winners, and 92 SILVER Medal Winners, through the strict judge among total 400 registrations.

To download all the list of winners, please click here

Winners of the OLIVE JAPAN 1st Olive Oil Sommelier Concours

The “Olive Oil Sommelier” is a qualified specialist of olive oil with enough knowledge of its history, cultivars (varieties), growing, milling and food pairing as well as technical capability in sensory evaluation.

The Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ) has operated the Olive Oil Sommelier School since 2009, and today there are over 900 Junior Sommelier graduates, 250 Olive Oil Sommelier advanced course graduates and 20 Master Sommelier graduates.

For those Olive Oil Sommelier graduates, as well as other qualified candidates, OLIVE JAPAN 2014 organized the first annual “Sommelier Concours” so that they may test their technical capability of sensory analysis in competition against their peers and earn the chance to claim the award of No.1 Olive Oil Sommelier in Japan for 2014.

The followings are the Concours results:

Ms. Mikiko WATANABE (OSAJ – Master Sommelier)

Ms. Sekiyo MIZUNO (OSAJ – Master Sommelier)

Ms. Tomoko KIKUCHI (OSAJ – Master Sommelier), and
Mr. Osamu JINGUJI (OSAJ – Master Sommelier)

About the Organizer:
Olive Japan is organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ), Japan’s sole professional organization for training and certifying olive oil experts.

OSAJ is an independent organization which is free from any commercial or governmental body in the olive industry. Over 850 Japanese Olive Oil Sommeliers have been certified since its founding in 2009.

Contact: Mr. Toshiya Tada
Olive Japan 2014 Management Committee Phone +81 (0) 3-3271-0808
Fax +81 (0) 3-3272-8755
Email: info@olivejapan.com
Official Website: www.olivejapan.com

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