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As if it were a video game, visitors to Olive3D (to be held from 10 to 12 November) can move its avatars through this virtual exhibition dedicated to olive oil, table olives and oleotourism; go to stands and make business contacts without leaving their office.

The only things you need are a computer with internet connection and a webcam.
olive_3dIn a sector very used to direct contact with the consumer, the advantages of a virtual exhibition are trying to fill a missing gap. “The sector is slowly getting used to this type of event,” explained to Mercacei Ricardo Rodríguez, director of In-Cloud Promoción Exterior, organizer of Olive3D.

The benefits of this show compared to the traditional face-to-face fair are many, allowing people all around the world to gather in the same place, which makes it “a cheap and easy way to contact professionals everywhere,” says Rodríguez. It also allows to internationalize an event “in a sector in which olive oil fairs are very local, many of them with exhibitors and visitors of the same region.”

So it is not surprising that the participation of exhibitors is already positioned around 70, although organizers hope that many more companies will be encouraged in the last days of the registration period which ends on October 15th. Anyway, visitors can register the same day of the initial launch, “another benefit of a non-presential event!.”

2015-07-21_1232 Modalities of participation
As the organization has detailed, although Olive3D is aimed at professionals, anyone can register as a visitor. As for the exhibitors, the organization expects to bring together producers, packers and marketers of olive oil, table olives and olive oil tourism. There 2015-07-21_1234will also be a pavilion specialized in olive technology.

Companies interested in attending the fair as exhibitors can choose from three modes: silver, gold and platinum stands. Prices for each are 1,300, 1,750 and 3,050 euros respectively. However, as Ricardo Rodríguez says, there are significant discounts to encourage exhibitors. Moreover, “we do not want any exhibitor left out of the project by an economic issue, we will surely reach a deal,” he says.

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