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This cultural event created by Luigi Caricato, writer, expert in EVOO and author of several books dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, hold its fourth edition in the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan between 22 and 24 January.

Following the success of previous years Olio Officina Food Festival continues gaining strength through its main objective: to change the habitual vision of olive oil and revolutionize the way we think and perceive this food. In fact, this event will focus its next edition in the “erotic side” of olive oil.

Olio Officina Food Festival features a wide range of activities that address the use of olive oil in the kitchen and will include panel discussions, interviews, tastings, exhibitions of woodcuts and various cultural initiatives and an educational space with games for the children.

The art of blending, EVOO in a dairy diet, flavored oils, balsamic vinegar and olive as an inspiration in fashion are some of the many topics that focus this festival since its birth in 2011.

International Packaging Competition and Innovation
Also, Olio Officina Food Festival will host the second edition of the International Packaging Competition and Innovation “Olio Officina-forms of EVOO”.

The aim of this event is to highlight the importance of packaging as a powerful tool for extra virgin olive oil companies as a differentiating factor that adds value to this product and encourages companies to improve both product quality and appearance of their packaging, inviting the final consumer to consider and assess not only the quality of the oil, but also the aesthetics and functionality of packaging in this product.
erotic oil
The unparalleled inventiveness of Valerio Marini, this time played with the official tasting glass oil. The oil feeds Eros.
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