Olio Capitale Competition for Typical and Quality EVOOs

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9th Edition of the competition, aims to raise the profile of typical, quality extra-virgin olive oils of the Mediterranean area, strengthening their image especially on foreign markets and offering the production chain an opportunity for positive competition that can lead to improvement in oil quality, as well as enhancing the product’s image.

On the occasion of the celebration of Olio Capitale 2015, the Salone degli Oli Extra Vergini Tipici e di Qualità, whose ninth edition will take place in Trieste (Italy) between 7 and March 10 this year, the Olio Capitale contest will reward best quality extra virgin olive oil varieties typical of the Mediterranean area.

Samples must be delivered starting from 7 January 2015 until 20 Febraury 2015.

For the 3 winners of 2015 competition the prize will be a free booth to 2016 edition of Olio Capitale Expo.

The novelty in the constest is the olive oil selection procedure: after a sample pre-selection phase supervised by a professional group, olive oils will be assessed by three different panels: one of professional tasters, one of professional users and one representing consumers, i.e. visitors to the show, who will attend also some tasting courses.

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