Is Olea ferruginea an alternative to the Olea europaea?

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Further research should be conducted to thoroughly evaluate the differences evidenced by this first collaboration: it will be necessary to build a broad and robust experimental design, selecting and analyzing a larger number of samples, obtained processing good quality olives of Olea ferruginea. It is necessary to properly store such olives before their collection, so as to avoid the appearance of sensory defects in the oil and hydrolytic and oxidative changes which have determined, in the first study, a reduction in quality. It would also be very useful to have the ability to install a small pilot plant on site, to ensure the success of the transformation process, spread the causes and effects on the basis of the peculiar quality of extra virgin olive oil and also evaluate the quantitative parameters, such as the yield of the olive oil. If this cooperation will continue and the studies will confirm the opportunities found for these preliminary results, the doors will be opened for a new interesting resource for the production of virgin olive oils.


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