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When I first started the production of the Documentary “Olive Tree: The Gift of the Goddess” while searching around, I found an old book from Mytilene – Lesbos describing the bottling and distribution of the Olive oil from the mid of 19th century to the mid of 20th century.

I was impressed because the industrial production of Olive Oil, having painters to create the labels of the Olive Oil bottles. The paintings were very well paid because it took months of work for the labels to be stuck on the bottle.

The color choices and the painting lines of the creators made these labels small pieces of art.I’ve been collecting them since I started my documentary production.

At first I had decided to give them a minute into the Documentary, but sometimes things have their own way. The labels did not have the minute they deserved. In our production team meeting about the documentary structure, I had seen some faces full of disappointed. They wanted the labels to be included.

In the coming 2 new episodes labels will be on board.

Get a little taste of a random selection of 15 labels and comment on whether they deserve to be in the next episodes.

Vangelis Tremopoulos
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