November is Time for Olio Nuovo

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Olio Nuovo (new oil) is the freshest olive oil possible, ready to use straight from the press, bypassing the 30- to 90-day rest given most extra virgin olive oils. It’s wonderfully pungent, cloudy with unsettled particles, intensely green – and peppery, it only lasts a few months and its flavors start to fade very quickly. I first discovered it in Italy, but food blogger Amy Sherman says: “buy olio nuovo from a California producer, because it’s going to be much fresher, and because the ones I’ve tasted have been very high quality.”

Olive harvest season is November, so now is the only time California olive growers can produce it. An online search for “olio nuovo california” will turn up a number of places to buy new olive oil from California growers, but we’re all about travel and bagging a bottle of this rare oil while it’s fresh is a good excuse for a day trip or weekend getaway.

by Betsy Malloy fromgocalifornia

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