• Movements in the Prices for Greek Olive Oil

    Despite the pressure of the Spanish overproduction to the markets, Greek prices for extrissima olive oils of very good organoleptic characteristics stand above 2,90 € / kg. The latest auctions from agricultural cooperatives in Laconia, Peloponnese, ranged between 2,91-2,95 € / kg . For lampante olive oil prices fell at 1,70 € / kg, due […]

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  • The application of compost of olive mill waste could increase olive oil content

    Composting is a method for preparing organic fertilizers that represents a suitable management option for the recycling of two-phase olive mill waste (TPOMW) in agriculture. Four different composts were prepared by mixing TPOMW with different agro-industrial by-products (olive pruning, sheep manure and horse manure), which were used either as bulking agents or as N sources. […]

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  • Olive Oil Greece

    Olive Oil, Honey Could Help Lift Greece Out of Recession

    Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is calling on manufacturers of traditional foods and beverages, from fish-roe producers to honey makers, to play a bigger role in transforming the country into an export economy. Greece, which saw exports fall 0.2 percent to 27.3 billion euros ($37.5 billion) in 2013, needs food and beverage companies to catch […]

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  • Spanish Agricultural Proposals for the European Elections

    Among the proposals FIAB demands a representation according to the importance of the food industry in the European Union (EU), proposing a Parliamentary Commission to respond to agro/sea/food questions or an intergroup that brings together all the issues regarding the food and beverage industry. The Federation calls a “reinforced” internal market; to organize the regulatory […]

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  • International_Olive_Council

    Movements in Producer Prices of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the World Market

    Extra virgin olive oil: In recent months, producer prices in Spain have been moving downwards, reaching €1.97/kg in the second week of January. By the last week of April, they were slightly up at €2.02/kg but still 29 pc lower than the same time a year earlier. At first glance, this trend appears to mirror […]

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  • www.oliveoilmarket.eu

    World Market Performance for Olive Oil and Table Olives in 2013/14

    Between October 2013 and February 2014, the first five months of the 2013/14 crop year, trade in olive oil and olive pomace oil decreased overall by 9 pc in the seven countries listed below, falling from 247 347.1 t to 224 726.3 t. Individually, Japan is the only market where imports increased (+2 pc, above […]

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  • Russian imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil rises

    During the 2012/13 campaign, Russian imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil rises 8%, reaching a volume of 32,517 tonnes. Over 83% of total imports proceed from the European Union (EU) countries. Spain, with 58% and 18,812.43 tonnes, is its main supplier, according to Global Trade International data, collected in the latest International Olive […]

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  • 19_greek_olive_oils_best_2014

    The Best Greek Olive Oils for 2014 at the NYIOOC

    Nineteen Greek olive oils earned a coveted spot as ‘one of the world’s best’ at this year’s New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). The judges awarded a majority of them, 12 in all, Gold Award status. Overall, it was a record number of awards given to Greek producers at the yearly competition. Greece remains […]

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  • A New line of Olive Oil Cooking Sprays with ZERO Calories & Fat by Bertolli

    Want to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on your salad? How about spraying it on? Bertolli Olive Oil has a new line of cooking oil sprays: Extra Virgin, Classico and Extra Light. The sprays have no additives — nor, it seems, calories, at least when spritzed for one-third of a second. According to the […]

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  • outputs of Spanish packaged oils that month stood at 56.7 million liters

    The National Association of Edible Oil Manufacturers, Packers and Refiners (Anierac) has released its data for March, which shows that the outputs of Spanish packaged oils that month stood at 56.7 million liters, of which 30.5 million were of olive, 930,000 liters of olive pomace oil, and the other 25.3 million came from refining oilseeds. […]

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  • Spain Sets Up Watchdog to Target ‘Strategic’ Food Industries

    Spain, the largest maker of olive oil, set up a watchdog for “strategic” food industries to bring transparency to agricultural markets and help probe wrongdoings. Olives, olive oil and milk are among the products initially monitored under a law published today in the Official Bulletin. The Agriculture Ministry will fund the agency to enforce rules […]

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  • Shoppers Across Europe are Buying More Private Label

    Retailer brands once again posted market share gains across Europe, whether it’s in the emerging retail markets in the East or the most established ones throughout the region. Private label is becoming more popular with Europe’s shoppers. Retailers are responding with bigger own brand programs featuring innovative new products and greater value. The market share […]

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  • Olive oil production in Andalusia has broken records this season

    The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Andalusian Government, Elena Víboras, says olive oil production “has broken records this campaign, confirming and improving our forecasts”, since, according to the Information and Food Control Agency (AICA), Andalusia has had an output of 1.4 million tonnes this season. Speaking at the Commission held in […]

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  • Tiny magnetic DNA particles protect olive oil from counterfeiters

    The worldwide need for anti-counterfeiting labels for Olive Oil is substantial

    Just a few grams of the new substance are enough to tag the entire olive oil production of Italy. The tag consists of tiny magnetic DNA particles encapsulated in a silica casing and mixed with the oil. If counterfeiting were suspected, the particles added at the place of origin could be extracted from the oil […]

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  • Jaén and Saudi Arabia develop joint activities in the field of olive groves and olive oil

    Universities of Jaén (Andalusia) and Al Jouf (Saudi Arabia) signed on 16th April an agreement for the development of joint activities in the field of olive groves and olive oil. It is expected an exchange of researchers between the two institutions to define and start executing joint projects. At the signing ceremony, the Minister of […]

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