New era for the Greek extra virgin olive oil

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The forthcoming final agreement between Sitia Union (of Agricultural Cooperatives) and Gaea SA and the financial support of Piraeus Bank marks a new era for the Greek extra virgin olive oil.

It took more than a year of negotiations to resolve numerous details in order to reach the current point of mutual understanding between the three parties involved.

Manolis Vakontios, (President of Sitia Union) and Aris Kefalogiannis (Founder and CEO of Gaea SA) are just two of the most important people in this forthcoming final agreement.

We are talking about a mutually beneficial cooperation agreement:

Sitia Union (Eastern Crete, Greece) will provide its unique EVOO, one of the most awarded in the world (among others: two in a row “Mario Solinas Quality Awards” 1st prize),a certified PDO product of integrated cultivation

Gaea SA will try to give to this product of special quality, the added value it deserves and will be responsible for the marketing promotion of it as a branded product in international and national markets

Piraeus Bank will provide the necessary cash flow for any future productive and commercial activity.

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