New book: "Perspectives of olive oil development in Epirus...Greece"

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The Greek agro-economist Zampounis Vassilis, in collaboration with the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus and Professor George Manos, has written the book “Perspectives of olive oil development in in Epirus in the context of open trade between Greece and the world,” in which analyzes the evolution of this grove in this largely rural area of the Greek country.

This book, of 149 pages, is part of the Project AGROQUALITY ( and has been recently introduced in the Cámara de Arta in a ceremony that was attended by farmers, agronomists and students.

The author concludes that the olive grove is very important for many socio-economic development and environmental reasons, particularly in disadvantaged areas such as Epirus, and the figure of the farm family is irreplaceable and must be supported in order to be viable.

New book: "Perspectives of olive oil development in Epirus...Greece", 6.1 out of 10 based on 31 ratings

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