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The fifth annual Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition, open to all California olive oil producers, is Friday, April 3, organizers announced.

Divisions include categories for Extra Virgin, Organic, and Micro Producers as well as for flavored varieties that are co-milled or infused, they said.

“We are committed not only to the future success of the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition, but also to increasing public awareness and knowledge of extra virgin olive oil,” organizers said in the announcement. “In pursuit of our dedication to increase public awareness, we offer two opportunities for direct-to-consumer showcasing of the 2015 award-winning olive oils at our coming events.”

One of these is an invitation to award-winning producers to sell and sample their oils to patrons of the Engage Art Festival, April 25-26 and at the Napa County Fair & Fireworks on July 4. The other is that award-winning chefs are provided the winning oils to use in their recipes at Engage Art Festival and the Napa County Fair & Fireworks, they said.

Entry forms and details are available at All submissions must be received by March 27. The competition is chaired, and will be judged by, trained olive oil taste panel members using a 100 point system adapted from the International Olive Oil Council. Judges will award Gold, Silver and Bronze placings as well as Best of Class and Best of Show.

The complete list of award winners will be available online at at the conclusion of the judging.

For more information or to submit entries visit, Or call the Fair office at (707) 942-5111.


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