Movements in the Prices for Greek Olive Oil

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Although it’s too early, in some areas of Peloponnese olive growers express cautious optimism.

But concern spreads over Crete again because of the drought and the high temperatures during the winter.

It is a fact that neither this winter’s hours of cold that the olive tree needs, were sufficient.

In Spain, with the super production of almost 1,8 million tones, prices fall at low levels. Extra virgin olive oils range from 1,86 to 2,22 € / kg, common virgin olive oils 1,75-1,86 € / kg and lampate (1% acidity) from 1,62 to 1,70 € / kg.

In Italy, where, like Greece, the 2012/2013 production was less than sartisfactory, the high quality extra virgin olive oil prices are moving upwards, around 3,30 to 3,40€ / kg.

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