Messinian Olive Oil Leads Greek Olive Oil Production

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The prefecture of Messinia has been declared the leading Greek prefecture in olive oil production. Thirty-eight percent of this year’s olive oil production in Greece came from Messinia, especially in a problematic period for the Greek olive oil industry.

“Only this year has Messinia produced 38,000 tons of olive oil when the total olive oil production in Greece was about 100,000 tons.” said the president of the Panmessinian Association of Olive Oil Producers, Antonis Korakakis.

He also stressed that this year, total Greek production decreased by 35 percent as compared to previous years, considering the weather and other natural conditions destroyed the crops and affected the production. “Messinia ranked first because it was less affected by the problems. Conversely, in Crete and in Northern Greece the production decreased by 80 to 90 percent,” Korakakis explained.

As far as olive oil price is concerned, this year the producers are selling each kilogram of olive oil for 2.70 euros compared to 2.80 euros last year.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the producers should always try to standardize their oil and promote it to the markets in order to earn more money and thrive.
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