Melgarejo Original Picual EVOO with its Traditional Flavor

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil single variety, made exclusively of the picual olive variety an olive with unique sensorial characteristics,round flavor oil. This is a complex oil with hints of tomato vine, apple, fresh grass and green almond shell. Its flavor is round, very well balanced, complex, sweet, bitter and pungent.

OLIVE GROVE REGION: Jaen Andalusia, Spain.
ALTITUDE: 855 mts. above sea level.
VARIETY: 100% picual.
HARVESTING SYSTEM: Mechanical means.
HARVEST TIME: Beginning of November.
EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Two phase continuous system.
STORAGE: Stainless steel tanks with nitrogen.
COLOR: Green filtered.
PAIRING: Salads, pasta, potatoes, meat and cheese.

Melgarejo is a family estate producer that has been in the olive oil business since the 18th century in Jaen, Andalusia, Spain. The current generation has demonstrated a vocation for Research and Development to extract hidden flavors and aromas from olives and thus, produce superlative olive oils. In their latest project: “Aromas de Picual,” Melgarejo is advocated to extract the best possible flavors and aromas of the Picual olive variety. The results of their labor is this Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Melgarejo Picual,” made exclusively from Picual olives.

Harvested Pre Envero in early Autumn to maximize the content of antioxidants and other health promoting nutrients.

To conserve the health promoting compounds best used cold: dippings, salad dressings or just added cold to a hot dish at the time of serving.

RSC Studio was tasked to design Melgarejo Original Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The design focus was on cleanliness and simplicity of the product., using white as the primary color and the image of the olive tree as its main focus.

“Original Picual Melgarejo is an olive oil with the traditional and original taste of the excellent olive variety Picual. We present the olive grove as a living space through an illustration, which only focuses on the tree and its fruit.”

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