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The best olive milling course in the US will held in October 1-4, led by international expert Leandro Ravetti, is running out of space — sign up now and save!

UC Davis Olive Center

The four-day course will be held at the Robert Mondavi Institute on the UC Davis Campus.
This year’s program, with its home base set at the Silverado Vineyard Sensory Theater, will be led by Leandro Ravetti, one of the world’s leading experts in olive oil from harvest to processing.

An agricultural engineer hailing from Argentina, Ravetti worked for many years with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology in olive production research, serving as advisor to several of the country’s largest olive growers and olive oil producers. In 2001, he made the cross-continental leap to Australia where he currently leads a “Modern Olives” technical team, consulting and providing guidance to that country’s major growers and processors, and helping to facilitate the planting of 3.5 million trees.

Since 2005, Ravetti has served as executive director of Boundary Bend Ltd., Australia’s leading, fully integrated olive company, helping to spearhead the company’s rapid growth, high efficiency, and a collection of oils that continue to garner top awards at international competitions and tastings. Under Ravetti’s leadership, through his focus on innovation, data, and analysis, the company continues to maximize production efficiency without sacrificing quality.

The course will include a field trip to five olive oil processors in Yolo County, including to Boundary Bend’s new U.S. facility in nearby Woodland.

Register Online: UC Master Milling Certificate Course

UC Davis Olive Center
Robert Mondavi Institute, Sensory Building
392 Old Davis Road
Davis, CA 95616

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