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World olive oil consumption is approximately 3% of total world edible oil market. World olive oil consumption is growing at 1.7% per annum.

Factors that are contributing to the increase in olive oil and table olive consumption in Australia include:

Improved marketing by the International Olive Oil Council
Recognition of the health benefits of using olive oil
Increased use of take away and pre-prepared foods
Increased dining out
The Mediterranean diet becoming more popular
Increased use of olive oil and table olives as ingredients
Greater enjoyment of the flavour of olive oil
‘Olive Oil’

Supermarket brand shares of the Australian olive oil market are as follows:

Brand Owners / Share of Market % / Brand Names

Bertolli (Unilever) 20.0/ Bertolli
Meadow Lea (Goodman Fielder) 18.4/ Olive Grove, Vetta. Crisco
Minerva 15.2/ Dante, Lupi
Conga 9.3/ Moro
Riviana 7.1/ Always Fresh
Borges 6.5
Cantarella 1.9 / Giralda
Private labels 16.4
Others (including Comapnia Olive Oil Co – Colavita)5.2

(Source: The Australian Olive and Olive Oil Market – Trends and Opportunities. Ken Joiner, Market-Quest Consulting )

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